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Offline content consumption has become a default part of many video providers’ offers. CatchUP, Restart, Backward EPG — all of them rely on the EPG data in recording. There are a lot of unnecessary minutes before and after almost every asset: intro, final credits, etc. They take an enormous amount of storage, so we have created the technology that eliminates these offcuts. It is done, however, with the highest precision that includes concessions and licences limitations, preventing ‘trick playing.’

  • For Live and VoD
  • Neural networks and advanced algorithms for video analysis and automated/AI insertion
  • Multicast or unicast or ABR
  • Steered via API or SCTE35 to start/stop recording
  • Multiple scenarios with PTS or time-based markers
  • Customisable parameters
  • Assets trimmed accordingly, and ingested or reinvested when necessary
  • Ideal for Backward EPG/CatchUP/Restart services
  • Operational assistance in marking the start/stop frames of ad jingles counts to minimum, while the learning model grows in automation
  • High efficiency
  • API for automation

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