Meet vxApp NAT&Firewall

Since there is a rising amount of IP traffic in SDI ecosystems we created an application for managing and converting those streams on the fly.

  • Define and process 1024 rules within one flow adding no more than single milliseconds of delay
  • Define multiple actions per rule for a VLAN change or do it together with a change of the IP address at the same time
  • Pass or Drop to be done before reaching NIC and MAC address, so there is no overload or extra traffic if you need only to filter the signal
  • Loopback or Route technology delivers signals to an output interface or the like in other appliances to be used in different vxApps
  • UI or API — make the system use efficient and easy, or integrate an API of your choice
  • SDI or IP inputs/outputs. We leverage input/output capabilities of off-the-shelf products. We rely on Riedel hardware to deliver the signal in/out of the appliance with the desired format/container and/or up/down/cross-convert them.
  • Multiple 25GB — a possible capacity to be processed by a single appliance. Every next appliance is managed by only one unified UI & API

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