Meet vxApp Transcoder & Transrater

Extend, develop, and modernise the existing ecosystem with the high-density vxTranscoder. This is a GPU based technology with an elastic multi-use license.

  • For Live and VoD
  • Capable to transcode Adverts on the fly for Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)
  • Multisource input (Multicast, Unicast, RTMP)
  • Up to 50 HD channels per 2RU
  • Radio channels support
  • Optimization of VoD ingest with up to 7-time faster than live transcoding per asset
  • Control bitrates in a DVB network with vxTransrater (CBR & bitrate reduction in one flexible solution)
  • We can fit our applications to any ecosystem or integrate it with the legacy one
vxApp Transcoder & Transrater

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