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Since there is a rising volume of IP traffic in SDI ecosystems, we have created an application for managing and converting these streams “on the fly.”

Define and process 1024 rules within one flow adding no more than a few milliseconds of delay.

Define multiple actions per rule for a VLAN change or do this together with a change of the IP address at the same time.

Pass or Drop is done before reaching NIC and MAC address, so there is no overload or extra traffic if you only need to filter the signal.

Loopback or Route technology delivers signals to an output interface or an equivalent in other appliances to be used in different vxApps.

UI or API — make the system efficient and easy, or integrate it with an API of your choice.

SDI or IP inputs/outputs. We leverage input/output capabilities of off-the-shelf products. We rely on Riedel hardware to deliver the signal in/out of the appliance with the desired format/container and/or up/down/cross-convert them.

Multiple 25GB — a possible capacity to be processed by a single appliance. Every following appliance is managed by only one unified UI & API.

Fully and seamlessly integraded with vxApps

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