Meet vxOS

By staying smart and keeping things simple, we took all the video cables we could only find and put them into vxOS — a user-friendly system that will make your job nothing but simple. From now on, it is your desktop video ecosystem where you install our vxApps — each making sophisticated processes easy to navigate and seamless to implement.

vxOS simplifies and virtualises the infrastructure of broadcasters, MSOs and telcos. Flexible, easy, and consistent is now your work routine.

It’s where we put all the cables — behind the consistent and intuitive UI or/and API of your choice.

vxApps make vxOS come to life. In these apps, you will find all the functionalities you have been so far provided by the hardware appliance, or infinite entanglement of cables, you name it…

Flexibility has soaked through all we do, even here; so vxApps and vxOS have a unified API, and are independent of any hardware. As long as you have access to the net, it works.



  • Just in Time Transcoding
  • Transcoding for (OTT & DVB; Live & VoD; SD, HD, 4K & HDR)
  • Transrating
  • Multisource ingest
  • Subtitles Transcoding
  • 2022-6/2110 Gateway


  • Quality Monitoring & Optimization
  • Quality-Bandwidth analysis and optimization
  • Transrating
  • Monitoring of Age Rating Presence
  • Audio Track Monitoring
  • Storage Optimization for Catchup


  • OTT Packaging/Just in Time Packaging
  • SCTE35 Insertion
  • Backward EPG
  • Thumbnails generator (Live/VOD)
  • Video Overlay
  • Manifest Manipulator (Ad Insertion)


  • Widevine DRM & CAS CWiP
  • DRM Gateway
  • MultiDRM
  • NAT & Firewall
  • Session Manager

Meet vxApps

vxQuality System
vxOTT Gateway
vxDRM Gateway

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