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vxFlex is a perfect proof for vxOS architecture, which allows to fit multiple products
(vxTranscoder Live, vxTransrater and vxOTT Gateway)
together with reception frontends for DVB and ATSC - into one product.
vxFlex allows smooth manage sophisticated video acquisition and preparation scenarios within one, easy to operate UI.

vxFlex scheme

Flexible architecture based on hot-swappable extension cards
○ you can choose any combination of receivers and microPC’s to fulfill your scenario
○ you can extend over time to leverage existing 1RU chassis at most
○ you can choose from virtually any input DVB-(S,S2,T,T2,C), ATSC, any IP

Very efficient Transrating and Transcoding
○ use any codec as input including MPEG2
○ transcode to any output coded including HEVC

Dense and very fast Packager and Origin
○ use HLS & DASH as an output of your processing workflow
○ transcode to any output coded including HEVC

Flexible repackaging
○ use HLS and/or DASH with DRM as input for all other applications
○ re-package TS-based ABR into fMP4 containers
convert HLS and/or DASH to UDP with optional transcoding

Fully and seamlessly integrated with vxApps

vxFlex is designed as a 1RU device with easy access to management and data
ports in the front panel and 6 slots for modules on the backside. The device can be configured with one or two power supplies.

vxFlex front panel, end panel


Card with 4 LNB inputs allowing to tune and pass as Multicastdirect to output or towards TRANSCODER-PACKAGER card channels received thru ATSC frequencies.



Card with the capability to transcode/re-encode videoservices according to the configuration given.
The card also allows packaging for DASH and HLS outputs when that operation was set for service.

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