Meet StreamVX

A team of experienced VIDEO technology developers and engineers who have over 25 years of experience and are ready to reshape the entertainment industry — making streaming both broadcast-grade and AI-smart by using in-depth knowledge on embedded and high-performance platforms such as FPGA or GPU.

Our mission is to deliver tools for everyday jobs in audio/video processing.

Meet our team


Szymon Karbowski

Chief Executive Officer

One of the smartest guys in the industry. A great teacher and captain, whose crew feels like everything is on course. He’s got over 25 years of experience in the video industry and has seen the transformation of many broadcast, telco, and MSO companies. He shares knowledge with the market leaders on data analysis and collection, system efficiency, and developing the existing infrastructure.


Aleksander Dutkowski

Senior Software Engineer

Aleksander is the brains behind many projects who readily tackles hurdles that unexpectedly crop up on the way to project completion. He is the master of answering the questions of “How…?” and gets down to working out riddles that come up during the digital transformation of video ecosystems. He likes bringing the IT community together and taking care of ensuring that knowledge is openly shared. Aleksander contributes to blogs and IT forums.


Radosław Korpal

Head of Sales

Radek knows the video market like the back of his hand. He applies offers and ideas in a smart way so that clients can develop their existing ecosystems according to the changing market. He’s a man who connects companies so they can make the best of their mutual expertise and competences. In StreamVX, he also scrutinizes a product to evaluate its potential to meet market needs. So thanks to Radek, you can always be sure that it does!


Mateusz Tocha


Mateusz spent part of his career at sea and was an ETO on LNG carriers. After he finally reached land, he spent some time in web technologies such as TypeScript and Backend. In his free time, he continues to expand his knowledge by checking out what’s the latest in new technologies. Web software architecture, power electronics, and math are his favorite subjects.


Michał Koreń

QA Engineer

You know this one guy, who no matter what, you can’t make him frown? That’s Michał. Happy and positive about bringing our products closer and closer to perfection. He ensures that our team doesn’t stop until they have smoothed out all the errors and bugs. We’re grateful to have him because he makes sure that novelties and trends on how to improve our products are at our disposal every day.


Tymoteusz Błażejczyk (Tymonx)

Senior FPGA & Embedded Systems Design Engineer

Tymonx has a history of working in the semiconductor industry and in strict embedded environments that require reliable high-speed hardware accelerations and low-latency offloads. He is a fearless expert in true modern FPGA development, adopting the newest software development trends and patterns in hardware designs that make any video processing fast and furious. This guy literally never stops and continues to push the limits! A tech session with him and your brain is drained but your knowledge has expanded.


Karolina Klein

UX/UI Designer

She specializes in intuitive, flexible, and result-driven designs. Her domain at work is to be human-centered, so she asks a lot of questions like: “Who will use it?” She provokes the designs of our products to be intuitive and user-friendly and to never stray from the goal. She values simple content structure, clean design patterns, and thoughtful interactions. She is outstanding and smart in her simplicity which quickly became the standard for the whole team.


Katarzyna Jafra

Manager of the Board Office & HR Department

She’s the engine of the company. Thanks to her, things are happening and StreamVX continues to move forward. She finds her passion in integrating the teams, system, and administration. Kasia recalls her career as a path replete with good people who have taught her organization, responsibility, leadership, and courage. In recollections, she often goes back to Artur — her first boss who trained her in business administration. Today, she is happy at StreamVX and says that she has finally found her home port.

“Great things in business are never done
by one person”



This is how we understand the needs of today’s video industry. We really do understand that yesterday’s innovation begins to age seemingly overnight, so, to win the game, Time to Adapt must really hit the ground running.

We integrate platforms (FPGA, GPU) with IP technology in such a way that you can plug and unplug your modules and appliances whenever you have to and whenever you need to react to a market change.

Always here

Our system, vxOS, was designed to welcome YOU. Before we get down to the offer, we take the time to understand your side — infrastructure, hardware, the ecosystem you work in, etc.

We are as adaptable as our system. We seamlessly implement our technology to yours so that your range of needs can be met.


Your business model also remains a priority to us. If you work on a multi-income model, we are more than happy to help you.

Collect and analyze data, make the best of our DRM Gateway, scale your content from 4K to HD, or reduce the infrastructure by OTT-direct transmission. We work closely with you so that you get the best out of the system.

Join our team

StreamVX is continuously looking for talents and geeks! We want you to share your enthusiasm, passion, and experience to contribute to the company’s growth.

Career in StreamVX

Working in StreamVX means agility, quality, and flexibility. Your education starts from day one - professional development is the top priority for us. As work-life balance means a lot for the company, we do everything to ensure that this is achieved for our team. We also have a long list of perks and benefits, 64 to be precise.

Our employees see StreamVX as having fascinating projects, team players, good atmosphere, a technology stack and wanting to meet clear and ground-breaking goals. Every employee has an influence on the company, and we value your input on the technical aspects of a project.

We want you to have general expertise, tech knowledge, and a goal-focused approach. Your tech skills and having an open mind are more important than having perfect work experience. To have previous experience in the video industry is neither required nor necessarily beneficial. StreamVX is a pioneer in the industry, so we are in a position to pass on our unique expertise.

Open positions

Backend Golang Developer


12 000 - 19 000 PLN

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Software Tester


5 000 - 9 000 PLN

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If you need more details, have any questions, or just want to send your CV - Kasia is here for you:
We answer each and every question, email, and application - feedback is key.

Gdańsk, our hometown and headquarters, represents the local vibe of investing in new technologies. It brings a bunch of new talents from around the world — a European tech spot trusted by some of the industry’s behemoths such as Intel and Amazon.