Meet StreamVX

A team of experienced VIDEO technology developers and engineers who have over 25 years of experience and are ready to reshape the entertainment industry — making streaming both broadcast-grade and AI-smart by using in-depth knowledge on embedded and high-performance platforms such as FPGA or GPU.

Our mission is to deliver tools for everyday jobs in audio/video processing.

Meet our team

Szymon Karbowski
CEO at StreamVX

Szymon Karbowski

Chief Executive Officer

One of the smartest guys in the industry. A great teacher and captain, whose crew feels like everything is on course. He’s got over 25 years of experience in the video industry and has seen the transformation of many broadcast, telco, and MSO companies. He shares knowledge with the market leaders on data analysis and collection, system efficiency, and developing the existing infrastructure.

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Radosław Korpal
Head of Sales at StreamVX

Radosław Korpal

Chief Operating Officer

Radek knows the video market like the back of his hand. He applies offers and ideas in a smart way so that clients can develop their existing ecosystems according to the changing market. He’s a man who connects companies so they can make the best of their mutual expertise and competences. In StreamVX, he also scrutinizes a product to evaluate its potential to meet market needs. So thanks to Radek, you can always be sure that it does!

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Jarosław Wiszniewiecki
Senior Video Engineer at StreamVX

Jarosław Wiszniewiecki

Senior Video Engineer

Jaroslaw is a seasoned video industry professional with over 20 years of professional experience. His adventure began at the time that analog television was shifting to digital TV. Over the last two decades, Jarek has had the opportunity to participate in many projects of varying complexity, ranging from developing technologies for the biggest Polish broadcasters and OTT providers, to implementations for the country's smallest cable operators. He is a graduate of the Electronics, Telecommunications, and Informatics faculty at Gdańsk University of Technology.

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Marcin Grabarczyk 
R&D Consultant at StreamVX

Marcin Grabarczyk, PhD

R&D Consultant

Marcin is responsible for strategic R&D planning, technology assessment, pre-sales support, regulatory compliance and market analysis at StreamVX. He is a versatile professional with over 10 years of proven experience in the public/government sector. He holds certifications in product management, agile methodologies (Scrum & Kaban), waterfall methodologies (PRINCE2) and cyber security. Marcin is an experienced people-oriented manager with a strong focus on creating customer value and delivering high quality software solutions to customers in the Polish, Spanish and American markets.

Katarzyna Jafra

Katarzyna Jafra

Operations Manager

Kasia is the engine of the StreamVX. Thanks to her things are happening and StreamVX continues to move forward. She is passionate about integrating the Teams, system, and administration. Kasia manages, develops, and improves the internal processes of StreamVX, within four major departments - Human Resources, Administration, Accounting, and Marketing. As a member of the managing team, she works closely with the board, overseeing investor relations, and corporate governance. Being in charge of the intersection between P&L and HR means that her main duty is to ensure that the needs of new employees are met. Kasia represents the company during conferences, fairs, and industry events. With her international experience and extensive industry network, she strongly supports business and develops relationships within the market.

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Grzegorz Bagiński - Developer at StreamVX

Grzegorz Bagiński

Senior Developer / Video Engineer

Grzegorz is a professional software developer with 18+ years of experience, all of which was at one company, which is amazing and an absolute rarity nowadays. He is an example of an IT professional career who went from scratch to being an expert. Greg has been working as a software developer for over five years, with responsibilities including back-end services and project management - architecture planning, teamwork, and deployments. Prior to this, he worked as a developer, where he successfully performed anti-spam system development, data modeling, and machine learning. Greg also held a position regarding technical expertise, with duties such as an analysis of anti-spam system logs, and agile black-box testing.

Adrian Dobrowolski - Developer at StreamVX

Adrian Dobrowolski

Developer / Video Engineer

Adrian Dobrowolski is a developer with over 10 years of professional experience supported by a solid academic background. He graduated from Gdansk University of Technology with a degree in computer science. At high school, he was an active member of ROBOILO Young Robotics Club and took fourth place in an international robotics tournament, Robot Challenge, in Vienna, Austria. During his studies he began working at Wirtualna Polska - the first Polish portal to create a catalog of websites with the possibility of positioning them. After one year, he was promoted to the position of software developer, and was responsible for an anti-spam system supporting several thousand queries per minute. He created new REST/GRPC web services, and modified over 100 existing web services, including design, developing architecture, and executing test procedures as well as document tests to ensure software system requirements were met.

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Piotr Czech - Developer at StreamVX

Piotr Czech

Developer / Video Engineer

Piotr started his journey across the IT world with three legendary computers: the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga and i386 Compaq with a monochrome screen. As a teenager, he built and was paid for his first webpages. He is familiar with projecting and maintaining security infrastructure, exploring large databases by using anomaly analysis and time series analysis, and making automation mechanisms capable of running 20 000 queries per second. He has participated in many innovative projects including but not limited to natural language processing using text vectorization and word embedding, as well as an automatic generator of regular expressions using the analysis of association rules. He loves sharing knowledge and inspiring others with his passion for IT.

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no photo jet

Przemysław Balawender


Przemek has almost 15 years of professional experience with single page applications. He has been continuously working with various types of PC browsers, TVs and Connected Devices. He has worked in a number of sectors including telco, finance, insurance, as well as media & broadcast and has literally worked with clients from around the world. Przemek considers himself an active participant of the JavaScript revolution, so he is always up to date with the latest frontend technologies. His particular interests are new programming and architectural trends. From the beginning, he fell in love with ReactJS. He is also keen on agile projects especially those connected with Kanban and Lean methodologies. In his free time he’s an MTB biker, an active squash player and a heavy metal music lover.

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Robert Wójtowicz - Junior Developer at StreamVX

Robert Wójtowicz 

Junior Developer

Robert started his career at one of the largest web portals in Poland, where he worked for more than six years. In recent years he has worked as a security analyst, designing and maintaining security systems and developing his development skills (in particular the Golang and Python languages). He has also been responsible for managing and analyzing events in anti-spam system and mail-system infrastructure. His analytical mind and ability to work in a team enables him to effectively implement and monitor the software and applications he designs.
Robert's passion is rugby, which he has played successfully since the age of 13. It was playing with the team that taught him how to work as a team and how to strive to achieve common goals.

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Bartłomiej Poźniak -  IT Engineer at StreamVX

Bartłomiej Poźniak

IT Engineer

Bartłomiej Poźniak is an IT Engineer with over 16 years of professional experience. He graduated from Information Technology and Econometrics at the University of Szczecin. After moving back to Gdansk, he then completed a postgraduate course in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Gdańsk. StreamVX is his second job - he previously worked for the City of Gdynia for almost 14 years. Bartlomiej is responsible for all the system-related implementation and maintenance duties, including but not limited to helping the entire organization use all hardware and software efficiently by managing servers, cascading workflow, and solving errors. His job is to smooth the ride and make the team operate effectively with all the assets they require. Bartek is a great fan of virtual reality, especially car races - he claims it gives him so much more joy than the crazy parties he used to go to when he was a student. He is also a proud dad of two cats that he has been raising with his wife for almost 15 years.

Mateusz Janik - Software Tester Team Leader at StreamVX

Mateusz Janik

Software Tester Team Leader

Mateusz is responsible for leading a team of software testers and ensuring that StreamVX always knows the way out when there is any problem. He is a tech-savvy person that started his professional IT journey with automation recognition algorithms in 2016, working as a Quality Analyst. His love for technology expressed in an idea for a self-made smart home solution aggregator that currently services several devices in his home. Mateusz has extensive experience in leading various teams within various large scale projects, both professionally and as a volunteer. His current voluntary position is as an International Commissioner for Polish Scouting and Guiding Association, which means he is a foreign affairs secretary for the largest non-profit youth organization in Poland. Mateusz is an avid traveler with a goal to visit every country in the world. He is also a gamer with a passion for both video games and table-top RPGs.

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Klaudia Kawała - Junior Software Tester at StreamVX

Klaudia Kawała

Junior Software Tester

Klaudia is the newest member of the vxLab team. She has gained experience in customer service, market research and sales over the past few years. She has actively participated in various courses in finance, management, marketing and economics. However, she ultimately decided that working in IT and testing environment would offer her the most growth. She has completed a number of software testing courses to develop her theoretical knowledge and joined the StreamVX team to develop her practical skills. Klaudia is passionate about her work and her skills, analytical thinking and experience allow her to respond freely to dynamically changing situations and solve even the most complex problems.

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Magdalena Szałaj-Bagińska Marketing & PR & EB Manager at StreamVX


Marketing & PR & EB Manager

Magdalena knows exactly how to take care of the company's brand and, of course, our social media. She has many years of experience in mainstream media, PR agencies and working with clients on personal and corporate branding. At StreamVX she develops and implements strategies for marketing and employer branding activities and builds a positive corporate image at industry events. She is passionate about effective communication and delivering the best possible marketing and employer branding solutions.

Sylwia Woronowicz - Graphic Designer at StreamVX

Sylwia Woronowicz

Graphic Designer

Sylwia has extensive experience in designing both online and offline projects. She was responsible for preparing a range of online pieces, including social media posts, web design graphics, animations, movies, and combos of the last two. Being the creative soul behind our content strategy, Sylwia drives all of the creative aspects of our online presence. When it comes to offline and DTP projects, Sylwia is experienced in designing and releasing the following projects - rollups, posters, leaflets, business cards, expo pods, fair booths, large-format printouts, as well as merchandise, gadgets, and other branded apparel. She coordinates company photoshoots and on a regular basis arranges a portable studio at the company’s HQ. Sylwia provides a wide range of expertise using  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

“Great things in business are never done
by one person”



This is how we understand the needs of today’s video industry. We really do understand that yesterday’s innovation begins to age seemingly overnight, so, to win the game, Time to Adapt must really hit the ground running.

We integrate platforms (FPGA, GPU) with IP technology in such a way that you can plug and unplug your modules and appliances whenever you have to and whenever you need to react to a market change.

Always here

Our system, vxOS, was designed to welcome YOU. Before we get down to the offer, we take the time to understand your side — infrastructure, hardware, the ecosystem you work in, etc.

We are as adaptable as our system. We seamlessly implement our technology to yours so that your range of needs can be met.


Your business model also remains a priority to us. If you work on a multi-income model, we are more than happy to help you.

Collect and analyze data, make the best of our DRM Gateway, scale your content from 4K to HD, or reduce the infrastructure by OTT-direct transmission. We work closely with you so that you get the best out of the system.

Join our team

StreamVX is continuously looking for talents and geeks! We want you to share your enthusiasm, passion, and experience to contribute to the company’s growth.

Career in StreamVX

Working in StreamVX means agility, quality, and flexibility. Your education starts from day one - professional development is the top priority for us. As work-life balance means a lot for the company, we do everything to ensure that this is achieved for our team. We also have a long list of perks and benefits, 64 to be precise.

Our employees see StreamVX as having fascinating projects, team players, good atmosphere, a technology stack and wanting to meet clear and ground-breaking goals. Every employee has an influence on the company, and we value your input on the technical aspects of a project.

We want you to have general expertise, tech knowledge, and a goal-focused approach. Your tech skills and having an open mind are more important than having perfect work experience. To have previous experience in the video industry is neither required nor necessarily beneficial. StreamVX is a pioneer in the industry, so we are in a position to pass on our unique expertise.

Gdańsk, our hometown and headquarters, represents the local vibe of investing in new technologies. It brings a bunch of new talents from around the world — a European tech spot trusted by some of the industry’s behemoths such as Intel and Amazon.