We put all the cables in the video industry into a computer — literally…

Switch between feeds and channels with a click!

Modify feeds just in time and plan the ads the way you wish — or just drop them on the fly!

IP — Infallible! Permutable!

Forget that something can crash during transmission. All video feeds  jump on an optic fiber as an IP signal, so you manage all from a computer. You can switch between several video feeds at the same time and modify them on the fly! If something doesn’t work, just pull the switch in your vxApps.

Reduce the cost

Reduce the infrastructure to the minimum — the same with the maintenance costs. Don’t rent cables anymore. Just send video in any format, in any resolution — take it easy… No more dependency on the hardware. No more tens of different appliances. Just one computer and your vxApps.

Monetize data

Collect data, analyze them, and emit personalized commercials to each individual separately! Your platform becomes competitive for the ad providers — you personalize your commercial breaks! With our technology, you are one button away to do that — leave the magic to your vxApps!


years of experience in video and entertainment industry


7x faster than live Just in Time transcoder performance


Packaging of 150 live channels in one appliance


or more storage saving with our vxFinder — precise catchUP content recording

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StreamVX made sure that a growing number of the OTT content delivered by Canal+ (together with a key request rise) would not result in performance deficiency. They were able to implement such a technology, abiding by the Widevine practices, as they are a certified partner of this content protection system. Thus, they did not limit themselves to the simple DRM Gateway configuration, but also made use of its potential to refine requests management — done so with the know-how, experience, and shrewd expertise.


One of the unexpected challenges in entering streaming television was to switch to the logic of the OTT headend. The professionals from StreamVX designed a compressed and smoothly working architecture. The transcoders’ farm, functional video packager plugged to the adaptive bitrate — all was kept with such a logic to maintain the system ready to transmit a 4K image without adding excessive workloads both to the servers and people.


Nielsen confirms that StreamVX has delivered an exhaustive workshop on how to collect data in the environments of pay TV: from the broadcast-based hybrid one in satellite and cable through IPTV and OTT systems. In the workshop, additional attention was paid to HBBTV as an example of the interactive and RPD-ready (Return Path Data) technology — all kept with a detailed segmentation if considered to be put to practice.


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