Teraz Polska award

StreamVX is the winner of "Teraz Polska" competition
in Best Products Category for

33rd gala of the competition Teraz Polska

Szymon Karbowski, CEO of StreamVX 

After just three years in the market, we have achieved another milestone – winning the Teraz Polska 2023 award in the product category means so much. StreamVX has instantly and seamlessly evolved from the creative and focus stages into the growth phase. Currently, the expansion of the Latin American market (LATAM) is the second location of operations following European Union markets. Our activities focus on increasing our market share, attracting new clients, and implementing our products — particularly those which were recognized in the competition.

Szymon Karbowski, CEO of StreamVX 

The decision to enter the "Teraz Polska" competition was made for two important reasons. First of all, we wanted the quality of the awarded products to be confirmed by science experts. We wanted the jury to verify whether we met high market standards. Secondly, we consider the competition as an opportunity to draw attention to our products, both in Poland and abroad. Winning a prestigious "Teraz Polska" award will significantly strengthen the position and recognition of the StreamVX portfolio.We plan to use the “Teraz Polska” logo as an important way of building customer confidence in our products.

Our plans to expand into new markets include regions such as Asia, the Middle East and North America. We want to use the prestige and recognition of the "Teraz Polska'' logo as an important asset in entering these markets, as the quality of our applications is now confirmed by winning this award.

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