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Since day one of the company, we have been keeping things simple. Following this rule, we have created hardware-agnostic, flexible, and inclusive technology. No matter what is lurking in the stacks of your headend, we will filter all of it into a single-thread logic. High performance, great useability, app-oriented work, and a software defined system - these are the fruits of simplicity.


Your hardware remains efficient with our add-on software stacks. vxOS is hardware agnostic, so you will be able to seamlessly run our vxApps on a vendor appliance. We also offer off-the-shelf equipment which allows for the capabilities of your current machine park to be extended but remain flexible. We support multiple architectures: x86, ARM, FPGA, nVidia, GPUs.


Our software stacks are cloud ready — to be run on the premises, in a private cloud or in AWS. It’s your decision how to disperse your infrastructure depending on your needs and possibilities.


vxOS is a flexible system designed to run multiple functionalities in a video infrastructure. It works on the original hardware or as an add-on stack which allows you to get the most out of the appliance you already have.


vxApps are applications that provide functionality for vxOS. They might work independently of the hardware and always in unified APIs. With the original UI they are outstandingly consistent and intutiviness.


Protection, analysis, rules, and converting SDI streams to IP on the fly.


A dense array of software-defined HD-up-to-UHD IP gateways in just one rack unit. The pluggable in and out transceivers can be replaced and repurposed into different processing functions as your equipment gradually becomes IP native. There is no need for the implementation of radical hardware changes in your engine room.


Widevine, FairPlay, and any other rights management technology — that’s our MultiDRM system. High-level standards of encryption are default, if not mandatory, for video production. Our DRM Gateway, thanks to its architecture, complies with almost every system, and is applied as a transparent proxy between different APIs. Multi-site or server scenarios contribute to the redundancy of the system without any loss in performance.


We created SDK and API so third-party devs can contribute to the virtualization of your video production and processing. We keep our system and platforms open to modifications.


We deliver an interface for running applications and control them by meeting all UX challenges — i.e. a convenient and easy-to-use interface which is consistent across platforms.


vxOS can be managed by an efficient and intuitive UI, delivered by StreamVX, or integrated via API.

And this is what you get…





Video processes consume and produce huge amounts of data, so we have incorporated FPGAs and GPUs that allow you to process all those streams without adding significant work overloads. Stay in control of data and money.

HD/3G and 12G/UHD SDI are natively supported by our technology. Our products are characterized by extraordinary efficiency and great speed thanks to our smart system architecture.

We deliver a software infrastructure — vxOS — to run the original vxApps. These Apps are capable of engaging several different hardware parts/devices within one ecosystem. Each of them have undergone specific tests: we have run them on multiple 100G aggregation ports, included filtering and processing of 2022-6 and 2110 traffic as an example of Video Firewall, and put them tests with millions of requests per second in an OTT domain. The Apps passed with flying colors. Try it yourself!

You and your team work on so many things in such short time slots that meticulous data monitoring is a must. For this task, our technology uses a self-learning and programmable AI which ensures that the streams and packets are processed and delivered properly. You remain in control thanks to the intuitive dashboards and external monitoring systems.

We propagate a generic approach to tasks which you can complete with our apps. If you want to switch between tasks, just switch to another vxApp. We have unified the user experience, so completion of the tasks will come with the same easiness throughout.

vxOS is designed with the “learn it once, use it forever” principle in mind. We have covered typical scenarios and ensured that setups are aligned with the same fast and responsive UI. It’s the perfect combination of usability & ease-of-use. No matter if it is a simple task or long chain of processes — we deliver control and simplicity throughout.

Each vxApp has an intuitive and simple interface even for the tasks which, by now, have demanded a range of different tools and numerous CLIs to be performed. Now, you have a great interface to manage video workflows with an unprecedented simplicity.

We put a lot of effort into maintaining consistency in vxApps UIs and UXs. We’ve created a system which is driven by intuition across various navigation schemes, fonts, buttons, etc. It’s enough to learn one vxApp to learn all of them in no time.

Across all of our apps and platforms, sophisticated and built-up processes have been streamlined so that they can be easily utilized. Thanks to this, we have limited the learning curve and proficiency threshold to a minimum so that you can reduce time and money for the implementation period.

Our applications support broadcasters, telcos, and MSOs with efficient data processing. Create pipelines between various apps and enable even more sophisticated and detailed data processing scenarios. You never lose control over management as our system also works without an internet connection — just pre-customize a scenario defined within a hardware set or a network.

There is an easy way to manage and run vxApps from the dashboard. We offer management of vxApps in a user-friendly environment, where you have access to the app library.

We have created an SDK and API to allow third-party devs to contribute to the virtualization of your video production and processing. We deliver the best of the modern technology, yet we keep it open so that it can be modified for any ideas or projects of your authorship.

We deliver a platform to manage your new or existing hardware. Our approach allows you conduct and complete sophisticated scenarios within minutes, when using multiple appliances from different vendors — none of the settings will be a challenge for our technology.

Thanks to our software stacks, we make your hardware efficient so that you are able to deploy tasks consistently and easily. Running and changing vxApps on demand enables switching between tasks and layouts with unprecedented simplicity.

vxOS allows for running our agnostic vxApps on a vendor’s hardware. Moreover, we use off-the-shelf equipment which offers a huge flexibility to extend the capabilities of your current machine park. We support multiple architectures so that you can run x86, ARM, FPGA, nVidia GPUs.

Our stack is designed to run on-premises, in a private cloud or in AWS. It’s your choice which part runs where. It does not matter if you need to be completely independent of hardware or want things close at hand.

Our mission is to deliver tools for everyday tasks in audio/video processing.

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