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vxDRM Gateway

We have developed a universal gateway which is efficient and compatible with the vast majority of DRM systems. vxDRM Gateway can serve as a transparent proxy between different APIs or multiple key servers, as well as being able to operate as a key server and as a license server on its own.

widevine partenr

Fully and seamlessly integrated with vxApps

DRM & CAS Security

Google Widevine

Apple FairPlay

ClearKey HLS

Widevine CAS

Authentication methods and access control

Token authentication

Basic authentication

Callback authentication

Bio- and Geo-blocking

Device filtering/access authentication

Output protection

Concurrent stream control

Advanced licensing

Licensing based on TEE (Trusted Execution Environment)

Widevine levels 1&3

Multi-key support

Key rotation support

CENC (Common Encryption)

AES Content encryption modes: CTR, CBC

Ingest API compatibility

Key generation client-side

Content Protection Information Exchange (CPIX)

Widevine Common Encryption





DVB support with Widevine CAS

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