February 16, 2024

Disney has invested $1.5 billion in Epic Games. It's going to be a fantastic universe.

Szymon Karbowski
Disney has invested $1.5 billion in Epic Games. It's going to be a fantastic universe.

Disney's $1.5 billion deal with Epic Games has been announced in an official statement from both parties. This announcement follows a longstanding relationship between the two companies. While we await confirmation of this deal from the US antitrust authorities, the media and analysts have not stopped speculating about a vast universe that will further merge the worlds of Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar and Fortnite thanks to this deal.

Back in September I mentioned a new project from Netflix. The undisputed leader among streaming platforms announced last summer that it was testing the market for streaming games in the cloud. 
A week ago, Disney announced its latest plans to buy a stake in Epic Games. The company's most famous games include Fortnite and Unreal Engine.
Such a transaction certainly shows that Disney is not going to be left behind and is looking for every possible way to make its services more attractive and expand its portfolio with new content that will appeal to avid gamers. Fans will undoubtedly be delighted to see Epic Games characters appearing in Disney animation or film productions, or perhaps in games available on Disney+.

The commentary and analysis that followed the announcement was unequivocal. This deal will be Disney's biggest investment in games. Disney made its first attempts at producing original games some time ago, and unfortunately they were not successful. Only by licensing its characters has Disney not failed completely.

From the beginning, Disney wanted to create its Metaverse platform, i.e. enrich the meta-world with its characters. Experts and analysts commenting on the deal make it clear that Disney is continuing its desire to link its characters and productions to the gaming world. After all, Roblox was a similar success. This investment could lead to a very strong image as a video streaming and gaming provider in the future.

Interestingly, neither party has disclosed the exact number of shares that Disney has acquired. Epic Games owner Tim Sweeney will not be giving up his controlling stake so easily. Sweeney, according to many commentators, has long had a sense of mission and is still pursuing his vision of building a compelling meta-world. Now, as their shared universes complement and intertwine,  the world of Fortnite and other games will enter animation and film with even greater momentum. Time will tell us, if the ambitious Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, can pull off another spectacular success with this deal?

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