May 24, 2024

Disney+, Hulu and Max available in one packet. Offer like this has never been on the market yet.

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Szymon Karbowski
Disney+, Hulu and Max available in one packet. Offer like this has never been on the market yet.

The biggest streaming services compete fiercely for consumers' attention and money. However, they often do business together, such as selling time-limited rights to their famous productions or joint offers. We see this second situation in the context of joint subscriptions to Max, Disney+ and Hulu.

The Polish streaming market will see another change in the near future, this time it's a premiere of Max. On paper, it's just a rebranding of the existing HBO Max service, which was previously called HBO GO, but in reality the name change means more than that.

On the day of its premiere in Poland, Max will offer over 1500 hours of content, and the platform will allow streaming of over 25 TV channels. When announcing the premiere date - 11 June - the company also said that it would continue to offer a large number of Polish productions. At the moment we can talk about 15 titles that will be produced in the next two years. What's interesting is that two days later the company made another big announcement about the American market.

According to American branch media such as Variety and Hollywood Reporter, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery decided to cooperate in an unprecedented scale. Next summer (the actual date has not been confirmed) both companies will start with a joint offer on their streaming services: Hulu, Max and Disney+.
The package of three services will be available for purchase on the websites of all three content providers. Disney and WBD do not plan to build a common platform, so the content of Hulu, Max and Disney+ will be accessible as before. In their announcements, the companies did not mention the price of the package.

The package of three VOD services will be available in two versions: with or without advertising and at two different prices. We'll have to wait a little longer for more details. What's interesting is that on this occasion, Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney announced the creation of another package in collaboration with Fox Corp. It's a sports streaming package that will launch this autumn.

To date, Disney has been reluctant to enter into such partnerships with other TV streaming giants. Instead, the company is relying on its own package, which includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. Inaccessible in our country Hulu was very open to this kind of contracts (as long as the company was managed by Bob Iger, majority stake was not overtaken), and on the platform subscription of Max and Paramount+ with Showtime was accessible to buy. For the moment, there is nothing to indicate that the joint Disney+, Hulu and Max package will be available anywhere but the USA.

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