Software Tester


5 – 9k + VAT (B2B) 4 – 8k Gross (Employment)

SVX Lab deals with testing web applications across a large range of devices. We specialize in testing OTT / IPTV applications and devices used for streaming. 

We are able to test ready-made solutions and applications as well as partial product elements. As a highly specialized testing team, we are able to plan tests in time, design them depending on the application and testing requirements, implement the assumed plans as well as analyze the results and report the need for any changes after the analysis.

Our competences also include testing the devices themselves, monitoring the consumption of resources such as memory and CPU usage, as well as checking available video technologies. Our methodology is based on manual and automatic tests. We are able to test on several lines simultaneously, e.g. having manual regression tests on the go while testing efficiency via automation.

As a team, we work according to scrum methodology with the aim of maintaining a self-organizing environment at work. We use several tools that support us in keeping up with this work style: JIRA, TestRail, ActiveColab, GitLab, GitHub. In our daily testing tasks, we implement web tools designed for analysis and project management: Chrome devtools, ADV, Postman, Charles, Splunk, AWS, and MUX.

Your daily duties will include:

  • planning and designing test cases;
  • manual execution of test cases;
  • exploratory testing, based on context;
  • automation testing with selected frameworks - Selenium or Cucumber;
  • maintaining automation infrastructure;
  • implementation of test scenarios and functional tests according to requirements;
  • reporting errors and test results;
  • cooperation with programmers in solving problems;
  • monitoring and management of test data;
  • taking care of documentation.

Our expectations:

  • Experienced in Javascript;
  • Worked with HTML basics;
  • Heard about the concept of network basics;
  • Knowledge of OTT - much appreciated;
  • Learned English on a communicative level – B1 or higher.

We will be happy to welcome you into our team! Don’t worry if any of the above points are not your strongest asset - we will teach you as long as you want to learn new things. Do not hesitate to contact us - we will answer each and every question, email, and application - feedback is the key. We want you to be responsible and independent. We appreciate a positive attitude, team spirit and friendly atmosphere.


Professional development

  • Internal and external training
  • Conferences, industry and tech events
  • Technical library
  • Business meetings with clients

Well-being - health and stamina

  • Remote work
  • A-class office if needed
  • Flexible time - Daily at 09:45 CET
  • Standing desks
  • Executive chairs, footrests
  • 32-inch monitors, up to three
  • MacBook Pro, Dell or HP

Other benefits -  to make you happy

  • No dress code
  • PS5, 40-inch display, racing chair
  • Full drum set
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If you need more details, have any questions, or just want to send your CV - Kasia is here for you:
We answer each and every question, email, and application - feedback is key.

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