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vxCaster is a hybrid of cloud and on-premise DVB-SI/PSI technology to reach the broadcast-grade quality with getting the cost-efficiency of a cloud. On-demand Disaster Recovery System in an AWS Region drives the costs down and test environments can be spun up or down to meet business requirements (e.g. testing new Set Top Box).

  • Bitrate management and monitoring
  • EIT compression
  • Traffic shaping to ensure the output does not exceed the required data rate
  • Ability to prioritise certain Tables above others (without corrupting Output TS)
  • Support PID offsets
  • SSU section files spooling for multiple section files and user-selected PIDS
    (i.e. Software Download service , DVB-SSU)
  • Support

    • time-shared services
    • DVB-SI play-out according to EN 300468 and TS 101 211
    • PSI play-out
    • Play out of Private Section files
    • D-Book 8 descriptors
  • EPG XML ingest via:

    • HTTPS REST POST (delta or full schedule updates)
    • EPG provider self-service portal
  • Trigger interface for 3th party automation

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